Walt Aikens (Liberty) Interview



     Walt Aikens is a Corner Back out of Liberty University and was kind enough to do this interview:

     Me: “When did you first fall in love with football?” 

     Aikens: “At the age of 6 when I first started playing! Football came natural to me” 

     Me: “What NFL team did you cheer for as a kid?” 

     Aikens: “Growing up in North Carolina I was raised as a Panthers fan” 

     Me: “Which NFL player did you look up to as a kid and who do you model your game after now?” 

     Aikens: “I used to love watching Mike Minter as a kid!! Hard nosed DB that was sure to excite the crowd! But now I look at the top DB’s in the league like Antonio Cromartie and Richard Sherman because they are also bigger Corners.”

     Me: “Were you recruited much out of high school?” 

     Aikens: “Yes I chose the University of Illinois over Clemson, Carolina and Louisville.”

     Me: “Why did you leave Illinois for Liberty?”

     Aikens: “Got in some trouble after my true freshman season.”

     Me: “I currently live in Lynchburg, VA, so what do you like about Liberty?”

     Aikens: “I like how the whole community comes out out to support Liberty Flame athletics. I even have teachers form elementary schools that I have visited constantly checking up on me to see how things are going, in and out of season. I love the family like atmosphere!” 

     Me: “What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?”

     Aikens: “My strengths are: Big long athletic corner whose very aggressive and can make plays while running with and size receiver. Weakness are: Staying low and most big corners have tendencies to be a little too high making it difficult to get in and out of breaks more quickly, something I have really improved on.” 

     Me: “What were you trying to prove to the scouts at the Senior Bowl?”

     Aikens: “That I’m a baller! And I can play with anybody, I don’t care what school you came from or who you are, if your going to line up across from me then it’s going to be a war. I won’t back down form anybody and I’m athletic enough to guard anybody. I wanted to make sure they remember the name WALT AIKENS.” 

     Me: “Who was the one player that stood out to you at the Senior Bowl?”

     Aikens: “Dee Ford from Auburn really made my job as a DB pretty easy thanks to his pass rush!” 

     Me: “What are your goals after college?”

     Aikens: “To go to the NFL.” 

     Me: “Why should an NFL Team draft you?”

     Aikens: “Because my love and passion for the game is like no other. When I step on the field I want to dominate and i’m not satisfied unless I do so. I go out every week and your going to get the same mentality from me, I want to be the best. I strive to get better each week and i’m coach able.”

     Me: “What was the highlight of your college career and who is the most talented player you have face in your college career?”

     Aikens: “My Freshman year at Illinois, beating Michigan on Halloween! I led the team in tackles hat game and it was a sold out crowd!! Fans went wild. And Dri Archer was one of the most talented players according to film that I’ve played against. I didn’t get to test his abilities because I went down with an ankle sprain early in the game this past season, but we all know he can play.” 

    Me: “Did you feel snubbed when you were not invited to the NFL Combine?”

    Aikens: “No. I wanted an invited, but God has other plans, the way I look at it is (I didn’t go to the combine, so i’ll just have to bring the combine to me).” 

    Me: “Who is your favorite Musical Artist and favorite Movie of all time?”

     Aikens: “Rich Homie Quan and favorite movie is Friday.” 

     Aikens: “I want to give a shutout to Harding University High School, part of the reason I am who I am today!! H-Uuuuuuuuuu H-Sssssssss.” 


     Walt Aikens really caught the eye of a lot of people from his week at the Senior Bowl. Be sure to listen for his name in the Draft. 


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